Posted by: ad65shorty | March 12, 2009

Shamrock Match

ABC Match:

1.  Cut a bunch of shamrocks out of green paper.

2.  On half of them write uppercase letters. On the other half, write the corresponding lowercase letters.

3.  Lay them out face down on the table and take turns turning two over. If they’re a match, go again!

4.  Play until all the matches are found.


1.  Begin with letters in your child’s name.  Once those are mastered, move to other letters.

2.  Only play with a couple of letters, not the whole alphabet.

3.  To make the game easier, play with the cards face-up and match that way.

4.  You can also play by having your child match uppercase to uppercase or lowercase to lowercase.

Number Match:

Same as above, except write numbers on half of them. On the other half, draw dots or another shape that corresponds with the numbers.

You can also have your child match numbers instead of counting dots.

Here is an example with subtraction facts:


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