Posted by: ad65shorty | February 16, 2009

When I Grow Up: Learning About Animals

A Story About Animals (Fisher-Price, Puzzle Playbooks)

When I Grow Up: Learning About Animals by Matt Mitter

This is a puzzle board book about farm animals. One day Fuzzy Chick asks his momma what he’ll be when he grows up. He asks about each farm animal, such as “Will I have a coat that’s fuzzy and full? Will children wear sweaters made from my wool?” The children have to find the puzzle piece that answers correctly and completes the picture. At the end, Fuzzy Chick discovers that “he’ll be like his dad and greet the sun. Each morning his song will wake everyone!”

So cute! This has always been one of my children’s favorites books! We started reading this book to them when they were babies and on through the preschool years. The puzzle pieces are big and chunky, perfect for little hands. The storyline is simple and rhymes. And I love how the children learn a little about the farm animals, as well as matching puzzle pieces. Fun and educational! What more could a parent ask for?!


Disclaimer: Our personal copy has been very “loved.” The animal pieces were found chewed to bits in my toddler’s crib yesterday morning (which is why this is my book pick this week). I cried! I loved all the teeth marks on them as my children were teething, and now, they’re gone! But, as I said, this has been one of the favorites by both my son and my daughter! We have definitely gotten our money’s worth!


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