Posted by: ad65shorty | January 20, 2009

A Week of Jan Brett: Gingerbread Baby

This week I will be honoring one of my favorite authors, Jan Brett . Check back daily for a new book.

Book Cover

Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett

This is my favorite version of the gingerbread man story! A young boy named Matti and his mother make a gingerbread man, but when Matti can’t wait for the whole eight minutes, he peeks, only to have his gingerbread baby escape from the oven! The gingerbread baby runs through the town, until he meets his match. The last page has a flap to lift revealing what happened to that gingerbread baby.

Throughout the story, there are pictures along the sidebar telling another aspect of the story. Most children don’t follow that storyline the first time, so it’s fun to point it out and read the story again making sure to watch what’s going on back at home while the gingerbread baby is being chased.

What a fun, fun story! For more fun, check out Jan Brett’s website. She has coloring sheets (which can be made into puppets) and activities for many of her books, including this one.

Check out Dresses ‘n Messes for a fun activity that supplements this book, where your children actually chase the gingerbread man!

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