Posted by: ad65shorty | November 16, 2008

Guest Post

This is a guest post by Marie, of Make and Takes. I have followed (or stalked) her blog for awhile now, although I didn’t know her. One day, I read on her site about this photography studio, who was opening their doors and doing some CHEAP pictures for Halloween. Well, I can’t miss an opportunity for a deal so we went. While we were there, Marie came in with her adorable little ones. I recognized her immediately, we chatted, and we’ve been blogging friends since. This lady has the CUTEST craft ideas for kids, your home, and the likes! Check out her site! You won’t be disappointed, I promise. So, without further ado, I give you, MARIE!!!

A Counting Book

This First Thanksgiving Day by Laura Krauss Melmed

My book pick is This First Thanksgiving Day by Laura Krauss Melmed. I love this book for it’s lovely harvest illustrations and the sing-song rhyming words. It’s a counting book with Pilgrim and Wampanoag people, and my kids love the fun animals and objects they get to find and count. The kids are involved in the story, helping find the number of items it calls for on each page. Some things are pretty tricky to see, but the kids love to look. Then after we finish, my kids want to read it again as they now know where everything is!

This book has a great thankful feeling, helping us appreciate what we have. I love the illustrations and the soft coloring. It makes me feel like the book is authentic in it’s captured time. I highly recommend reading this Thanksgiving story before your own big feast on Turkey Day.



I had never seen this book before. My son wanted to go to Barnes and “Noble’s” (as he calls it) on Saturday. Go figure! What four-year-old wants to spend a Saturday afternoon at a bookstore?! LOVE IT!! Anyway, I digress. So, we went, and I found this book while there. I was so curious about it! We loved it!! Marie was right–my son enjoyed finding the turkey and the hidden items on each page. I would definitely recommend this book, too! Thanks, Marie!

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